We’re Main Street’s Best-Smelling Spa and Body Shop Since 1996.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, we think these pictures of our yummy spa and body shop summon up a thousand scents as well. Take a look and see for yourself. Hope to see you soon!

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Fresh Spa-Within-a-Bath-Shop Concept Still Thriving on Park City’s Main Street.


Build something unique, natural and oh-so-sweet-scented — and they will come. Read the story behind the sensation!

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Fact Sheet: Mountain Body Products, Inc. – Wholesale Manufacturer of Mountain Body and Skinzi Brands


Did you know that Mountain Body Products and Skinzi Spa Collection brands are both manufactured in Mountain Body’s rural high-mountain factory in the Park City area? Read all about it.

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Visit with Mountain Body’s Nylene O’Neal and Diane Fisher in the Fall, 2005 Park City Magazine.

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“… the wholesome, delicious Mountain Body image matches many of the realities of the company’s line of products.” Read the whole story here.

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