Fresh Spa-Within-a-Bath-Shop Concept Still Thriving on Park City’s Main Street.

When entrepreneur Nylene O'Neal was preparing to open Mountain Body Spa & Herbal Cosmetic Deli on Main Street in 1996, she set herself a lofty goal: create a retail bath shop like no one had ever seen before, with a spa inside of it like no one had ever seen before. She happily succeeded, and now years later, though many imitators across the country have "borrowed" some of the unique ideas, her Main Street shop and spa remains a national leader in fresh, natural skin and body care.

A Fresh Beginning.

Park City locals and visitors may still recall the delightful surprise they felt the first time they noticed one of Mountain Body's eye-catching window displays. Imagine luscious-looking hand-made soaps made in the shape of huge wheels of cheese, cut with a butcher knife into slices, and wrapped in deli paper. "Gee, I guess that soap is fresh!" It sure is!

In fact, fresh is the whole idea behind Mountain Body Spa & Herbal  Cosmetic Deli: a bath shop selling only fresh and natural skin care products made with few or no preservatives and no harsh sulfates, and a day spa offering massage therapies and body treatments using only the freshest, most natural products (with some masks freshly made just prior to your facial).

Nylene zeroed in on a fun retail concept that immediately says "fresh" to every customer that enters the store: to treat the store like a "Cosmetic Deli" instead of a traditional bath shop. After all, what's fresher and more natural than the fruits and botanicals used to make the products being sold in the store?

So today when you visit Mountain Body, you see the innovations: The Massage and Body Bars are molded in different perfect little shapes (like chocolates or pats of butter). The round, multicolored Bath Bombs and other natural, botanical skincare products are displayed in produce bins. And there's a fresh "salad bar" in back -- no wait, that's not a salad bar, though it all looks good enough to eat. It's a "take-out" Beauty Bar, with bowls of luscious masks and treatments all in a cooler, and handy "to-go" containers you can fill yourself. (Mountain Body calls their take-out bar the "Utah Mud Bar," because all the items are made from local mineral muds and clays, which are some of the best cosmetic clays in the world and have been used by residents of the area for healing and other uses since the days of the ancient native Americans.)

At Mountain Body, there's none of that clinical, white lab coat feeling so common in typical day spas. Just like a trip to the supermarket, you can touch and smell everything at Mountain Body before you buy it. The woman giving you a facial is wearing an apron, of course--we're dealing with fresh ingredients here! There's a happy, friendly "flower-child" feeling to the store, versus the aloof "cooler-than- thou" attitude of many beauty and skin care establishments. Just like the products for sale are hand-made, most of the signage in the store is hand-drawn (in colored chalk, naturally).


Can't Find Fresh, Natural Skin Care Products to Sell? "Let's Make Them Ourselves!"

It was quickly apparent that Nylene's concept was a hit! The problem was sourcing a variety and steady supply of fresh, all-natural skin care products to keep the Cosmetic Deli stocked. Nylene and the team at Mountain Body turned the problem into a major business opportunity by starting to manufacture all-natural body care products themselves under the Mountain Body Products brand name, with all products hand-made in small batches to assure highest quality, of course.

Fresh spa-within-a-bath-shop concept still thriving on Park City's Main Street

Today, Mountain Body Spa and Herbal Cosmetic Deli is still thriving on Main Street in Park City, Utah, along with the Mountain Body Products, Inc. manufacturing company, both owned and operated by Nylene and her mother, Diane Fisher. In their rural Utah factory, this growing company manufactures all the many Mountain Body-brand products sold in the Main Street store, and wholesaled to fine salons and spas around the world.




825 Main Street, Park City, Utah 435-655-9342

Open Daily 10 - 10 (seasonal hours vary)

Spa Services:

Massage Therapies:
  Mountain Body Massage (30 min, 60 min, 90 min.),  Shiatsu, 
Cranial Sacral, 
, Deep Tissue, 
Hot Stone Therapy, 
Seated Massage ($1.50 per minute)

Specialty Body Treatments:   
Ultimate Salt Glow and Honey Treatment, Volcanic Lava Mud Treatment
, Margarita Body Glow, 
Seaweed Wrap
, Dry Skin Body Butter Treatment,  Pregnancy Massage, 
Infant/Youth Massage, 
Ultimate Foot Treatment, 
Facials and Makeup Makeover, 
Zodiac Heavenly Body Skin Therapy

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