Meet Night Sky Glow, from Mountain Body Products.

The only mineral salt skin rub in the perfect scent for each Zodiac Sign.

Night Sky Glow, a Heavenly Body and Skin Therapy, is a 100% natural pure botanical formulation that exfoliates, detoxifies and moisturizes the skin. It is for use on the body (not the face) and should be used last in the shower or bath. Each jar is handmade by Mountain Body Products, Inc. using fresh pressed fruit rind oil and salt from ancient sea beds and the Great Salt Lake, plus oils of sesame, safflower, avocado, jojoba and vitamin E.  Retail price is $20.00 for an 8 ounce non-breakable, plastic jar -- ideal for bath and shower use.

Night Sky Glow Skin Rubs are available in 12 varieties, one for each of the 12 Zodiac Signs, each with its own unique 100% natural scent created by special blends of fruits, botanicals, essential oils and spices associated with each Sign.

In developing Night Sky Glow, Mountain Body Products utilized the expertise of an astrologer to meticulously research the botanicals, oils and spices associated with each Zodiac Sign. The result is a dazzling array of imaginatively delicious and provocatively complex scents:

  • Aries: honeysuckle, peppermint, patchouly, clove
  • Taurus: rose, green apple, sandalwood, vanilla
  • Gemini: sandalwood, bitter almond, bergamot, lemon
  • Cancer: pear, honeydew, papaya, rose
  • Leo: orange, orange blossom, frankincense, chamomile
  • Virgo: grapefruit, lavender, ylang-ylang, bergamot
  • Libra: spearmint, jasmine, green apple, orchid, vanilla
  • Scorpio: vanilla, geranium, white pine, clove
  • Sagittarius: honeysuckle, tropical fruits, sage
  • Capricorn: moss, frankincense, magnolia
  • Aquarius: cucumber, apple blossom, peppermint, coconut, vanilla
  • Pisces: waterlily, juniper berry, eucalyptus, clove

Said Mountain Body's Nylene O’Neal, “With all of our Mountain Body Products, we’re constantly working with natural plants, oils and spices, and we’re known for creating some unusual combinations. However, this project took the company to a whole new level. When we got the lists of ‘power scents and spices’ for each Zodiac Sign from the astrologer, our whole operation went into overdrive, experimenting with the new plants and scents that we had not considered adding to our products before now.”

All the employees at Mountain Body Products were involved in creating the “recipes” for their specific Zodiac Sign. Said Ms. O’Neal, “It really challenged us to create effective body therapies with pleasing scents from the natural elements. Each employee took an active interest in making sure that the formulation for their personal Zodiac Sign was pleasing to their senses. It’s been a fun experience, and we’re delighted with the incredibly beautiful and complex scents that are the final product. And, remember, we use no artificial fragrances, so all the wonderful smells of Night Sky Glow are natural!”

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